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Clinico-functional, quantitative and anthropological anatomy of the locomotor system



The research focuses on :

- Analysis with non-destructive methods of bone mineral density in ancient human skeletal remains, in relation to age, gender, living conditions and, therefore, paleopathological aspects of osteoporosis;

- Experimental study of the validity of the Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) as qualitative parameter of the microarchitecture of trabecular bone, applied to dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) that measure bone mineral density (BMD) in the diagnosis of osteoporosis;

- Use of vertebral morphometry (on DEXA images) and mandibular morphometry (the living) in the height estimation in forensic anthropology, based on mandibular parameters and DEXA images;

- Computerized evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency in the percussionistic bimanual performance in normal subjects as methodological approach for the analysis of musicians professional disease.


Group’s ERC Sectors

LS2_12 - Biostatistics

LS4_3 - Endocrinology

LS5_8 - Behavioural neuroscience (e.g. sleep, consciousness, handedness)

LS7_10 - Environment and health risks, occupational medicine

LS7_2 - Diagnostic tools (e.g. genetic, imaging)



Bonaldo G., Micheletti Cremasco M., Panattoni G.L. Evaluation of bimanual percussion performance in normal subjects as a methodological approach for investigating the professional pathology in drummers.

Milani C., Panattoni G.L. Estimation of stature from the vertebral column in physical and forensic anthropology.

Milani C., Milani R., Panattoni G.L. Stature estimation using mandibular morphometric parameters in Italian population: a preliminary report.

Di Stefano M., Boano R., Rabino Massa E., Isaia G.C., Panattoni G.L. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA): a non-destructive approach for the study of bone mass density in archaeological samples

Panattoni G.L., Di Stefano M., Rabino Massa E., Isaia G.C., Boano R. Bone mineral density in archaeological skeletal remains from Piedmont (Italy): a preliminary report.

Di Stefano M., Boano R., Rabino Massa E., Isaia G.C., Panattoni G.L. Densitometria a doppio raggio fotonico (DXA): un metodo non distruttivo per la valutazione della densità ossea in campioni osteoarcheologici

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Borre A, Boano R, Di Stefano M, Castiglione A, Ciccone G, Isaia GC, Panattoni GL, Faletti C. (2015) X-ray, CT and DXA study of bone loss on medieval remains from North-West Italy. La Radiologia medica [DOI  PMID]


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