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LS5_10 - Ageing of the nervous system


LabNI is part of the Department of Neuroscience of the University of Turin and carries out research in collaboration with the Department of Neuroscience of the University Hospital "Città della Salute e della Scienza", Presidio Molinette, and with the Department of Radiology and Neuradiology of San Giovanni Bosco. The group includes scientists from different backgrounds: doctors, technicians, statisticians, and physicists. The goal of the group is the use of modern computational techniques to improve the understanding of human neurocognitive architecture (both normal and pathological).
In recent years the research activity has been expanded thanks to national and international collaborations both on the biotechnological and on the computational side.
We want to thank professor Mortara thanks to whom everything started and doctors Laura Orsi, Andrea Boghi and Paola Caroppo who were there to build the laboratory in the midst of many difficulties with commitment and passion. They have moved to other places but we want to remember their precious contribution.


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