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Donatella Amadori



Via Cherasco, 15  10126 Torino


Luisella Di Gleria

Annalisa Ferraiolo

Mario Giocoli

Susanna Monteleone

Franco Orta

Rosita Sacino

Rosy Tamburello



Tel. +39.011.670.9352

Fax +39.011.670.9351

e-mail: contabilita.neuroscienze@unito.it



  • Department's budget, accounting and tax functions;

  • Procurement, contracts, missions, conventions, fees;

  • The administration and reporting of research funding;

  • Administrative and accounting aspects of the educational and training activities and third party activities;

  • Administrative and accounting support to clinical trial activities and others;

  • Secretariat of the Department Board;

  • Maintaining communications with the offices of the Central Administration in matter of account management;

  • Maintaining communications with the offices of the General care Hospital and Research Center “Città della Salute e della Scienza” in matter of administrative and account management;

  • The general services (for account office): courier, mail sorting, suppliers management, photocopying, fax, guard shifts, contacts with companies, etc.;

  • Common services of the Department: limited to management of waste disposal for offices in Via Cherasco and supervision of the safety of these buildings.


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