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Clinical Neurosciences



The research group deals with primary and secondary headaches, ataxic syndromes and demyelinating diseases (in particular MS). The approach to these diseases is articulated through clinical, genetic, neuroimaging and immunopathology trials. The study of Gender factors that may modulate the clinical history of the disease in headaches and demyelinating syndromes is in progress. Through national (Genova, Milano, Bari) and international (Toronto, Paris, London) networks, the genotypes classification of the affected is ongoing, for the isolation of new risk factors. The group is involved in pharmacological studies of Phase III and IV to evaluate efficacy and safety of immunomodulatory drugs (DMD) in multiple sclerosis.


Group’s ECR Sectors:

LS2_6 - Molecular genetics, reverse genetics and RNAi

LS5_5 - Mechanisms of pain

LS6_6 - Immunogenetics



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