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Further education Courses

Continuing education programs are courses carried out by University of Turin to meet cultural and in-depth needs for specialized sectors, for professional updating and life-long learning. They can be carried out also in collaboration with private or public bodies and with national or foreign Universities.


  • Cefalee - Fisiopatologia, diagnosi e terapia
  • Diagnosi e terapia della malattia di Alzheimer e delle altre demenze
  • Tecniche chirurgiche avanzate in microneurochirurgia 

After earning an undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree or specialization diploma, if the candidate fulfill the requirements, it is possible to enrol in one of the specialization courses offered by our University, which meet the cultural needs, specific scientific fields, professional updating and permanent training.

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The postgraduate course prepares students for specific professional activities and can only be put in place if it complies with specific European Union laws or directives.
To be admitted on a postgraduate course it is necessary to have a master's degree, or other recognized foreign qualification.
At the end of the 2-5 year course the student will have earned 120-300 credits and will be awarded the postgraduate diploma in the area of specialisation.

The University of Turin’s continuing education plan, offer short-term training courses and professional updating focused on interesting topics. Those courses do not release an academic degree and are addressed both to candidates who already have a degree and for candidates who do not, but have obtained recognized working experience, and which are considered corresponding to the purpose of the course. (students, graduated, professionals, workers etc.).

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