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Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders



The research focuses on the study of psychopathology, cognitive functions, social cognition and social functioning in schizophrenia spectrum disorders, the assessment of their possible relations, of their performance during the progress of the disease and the impact on their pharmacological treatment (traditional and new antipsychotics) and rehabilitation.

The group participates to the Italian Network for Research on Psychosis: a multicenter study on factors affecting social functioning in the real life of people with schizophrenia, which is a member of the Steering Committee, and to the integrated Protocol of structural-functional brain imaging . The study aims in assessing the role of factors related to the disease, the person resources and the context, the heritability of the factors related to the disease and the genetic variants associated with them. The imaging protocol aims to investigate the association between social functioning and endo-phenotypes of structural and functional neuroimaging, as the volumetric alteration of cortex, of subcortical grey matter areas and white matter, brain activity during working memory and attention tests, emotional stimuli processing and brain connectivity during rest, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRi). The group is also conducting research on the evaluation of abnormal connectivity and of brain complexity in schizophrenia, using high-resolution EEG.

In the field of clinical psychopharmacology, the research group carries out studies on the effectiveness and safety of new psychotropic drugs in schizophrenia, and acute psychosis, and is involved in several multicenter controlled studies (national and international).


Group’s ECR Sectors:

LS5_10 - Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience

LS5_12 - Psychiatric disorders (e.g. schizophrenia, autism, Tourette’s syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

LS5_3 - Neurochemistry and neuropharmacology

LS5_7 - Cognition (e.g. learning, memory, emotions, speech)

LS7_2 - Diagnostic tools (e.g. genetic, imaging)


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