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LS5_7 - Sensory systems, sensation and perception, including pain
LS5_8 - Neural basis of behaviour


The LabNI (Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology and Imaging) works in cooperation with the Department of Neurosciences of the University Hospital "City of Health and Science". Many professionals figures from different backgrounds belong to LabNI: neurologists and neuroradiologists, psychologists, radiology technicians and physicists. The aim of the laboratory is the study of the neural correlates of physiological and pathological cognitive processes, on macroscopic and network scale using neurophysiology techniques (non-invasive brain stimulation, and EEG), neuropsychology techniques (objective measurement of cognitive functioncorrelation with anatomical and functional aspects and therapy outcome), and neuroimaging.

In the last years the research has been focused on the cerebellum role in cognitive and emotional processes and the use of TMS and tDCS for rehabilitation, both in stroke patients (and / or other invalidating conditions such as chronic pain) and in young adults diagnosed with eating disorders.

The Clinical Neuropsychology section of the Lab uses as research tools: neuropsychological testing (QI, memory, attention, learning, frontal functions, visuospatial functions), single and double pulse TMS (SICI, LICI, ICIF, CSP), rTMS, tDCS, tACS, tRNS, qEEG, ERP, MEP, SEP, VEP, BAEP, EMG, NCV.


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